Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is it nice, is it true, is it necessary?

A good friend told me today that he always asks himself three questions before he says anything: 1) is it nice? 2) is it true? 3) is it necessary? If it's not one of those things, it's probably not worth saying. Sometimes we are all prone to blurting out whatever immediately comes to mind in any given situation. Taking a moment to pause and ask yourself these three simple questions before speaking can go a long way in improving your relationships.

-My name is Robert Goldman and I approve this message.

Monday, August 22, 2016

El Rey Fire in Santa Barbara

Here are some really wild photos that I took from downtown Santa Barbara yesterday. The El Rey fire is currently burning out near Paradise Road in the SB backcountry (right near my favorite Santa Barbara mountain bike ride). Today, the sky was red and ash was coming down. Hoping that everyone who lives out that way is safe. 

Photos from Vail August 2016

Last week I was able to get out of Santa Barbara for a couple of days and spend some time with the folks in Vail. Here are some highlights from the trip...

Heading up the Gondola on the first day for some hot laps. 

Wildflowers were going off on Cougar Ridge Trail between Vail and Minturn. 

More incredible wildflowers on Cougar Ridge Trail. 

Game Creek trail was overgrown, but still a blast. 

Looking down Game Creek Trail after getting out of the woods. Super fast like "the mile." 

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